Your Feminine Expression Through The Enneagram


Have you explored the Enneagram personality test? I’m a 4 which fits me so well. It’s important not to box yourself or others into any one system of personality typing although exploring several can be a lot of fun. The link will take you to a free test but I highly recommend if you find this intriguing to pay for a test at the enneagram institute. (The most accurate test is here for $12


You Unique Express

1. If you were given an authentic compliment by someone, it would be:

A. You look like you have it all together!

B. You are so comfortable to be around 

C. You are so kind and sweet

D. You are stunning

E.  You are very unique

F.  You are such a sexy  woma


2. When you look within your heart, which words resonate with you or how you desire to feel?

A. Elegant, sophisticated, classy, refined

B. Modest, down-to-earth, natural 

C.  Pretty,  feminine, sweet, lovely

D. Glamorous, stunning, captivating

E. Unique, hip, inventive, cool

F.  Alluring, tempting, sexy, enticing,


3. Which words do you often think of when you wake up in the morning as it relates to your makeup, style and image

A. Understated

B. Little or None

C. Soft and pretty 

D. Glamorous

E. What ever strikes you

F. Alluring and enticing


4. Your idea of the perfect outfit for networking event:

A. Classic Tailored slacks, cotton blouse, and matching shoes and belt

B. Khakis and a comfortable top

C. A pretty, casual sundress

D.  An off the shoulder blouse, slim pants, and great makeup

E. An interesting bohemian inspired ensemble and a unique bracelet

F.  A cleavage- revealing knit blouse, fitted jeans, and high heel sandals.












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