About Angela!


Angela B. Simmons 

Through experience, life lessons, spiritual growth, meditation and training, I had to learn how cultivate a more harmonious and peaceful relationship with my self!

…with My Certifications, a divine calling,  combined with my life experiences, they  have qualified me to help guide and support others on their life path!


Married for 32 years to my funny, sarcastic, supper supportive  hubby and best friend;  Motivational Speaker -Voice Over Actor, Frank Simmons jr.

We have 3 daughters, 1 amazing son, 1 son in law, 2 granddaughters, and 2 wonderful boyfriends/life partner  to 2 of our daughters. They constantly provide me with fresh insight and wisdom!  Each have strong personalities, strengths, and unique life paths! The combination of All of the Earth,  Air, Firery and Water elements within each of us makes us we laugh a lot when we get together. The one thing we all have in common, we absolutely enjoy movies!!!

About My Personality, Preferences and Interest:

The Individual, Romantic, Idealist INFP

The Sagittarius Sun Personality/Cancer Moon which means…

I love studying human behavior! I am a spiritual seeker who loves to spend time in deep quiet reflection.

I love helping and engaging with other’s in a one -on- one setting. I  absolutely love the ocean and I thrive when I am out doors. I am love being surrounded by beauty and I enjoy blogging about body types.

I stay physically active  and maintain my weight by brisk, mindful walking as my mode for staying fit. I am not on a strict diet. I try to  mindfully and intentionally fuel my body with what works best with my metabolism. High fiber, veggies and white meat protein works for me. Sugar and sweets are my downfall….

With a 90% preference for Introvertroversion

Married for 32 years to a Gemini who has a 50% Preference for Introversion…

My hubby and I are both, gypsy’s at heart.

We have life’s in over 8 cities during our marriage and we both enjoy traveling. We don’t like being tied down to one place.

It has been an interesting life!

About My  My Certifications:

I am a certified Personality Profiler

Certified Enneagram Trainer

Student of Relationships Astrology

Ordain Minister

Spiritua Life Coach

Intuitive Singer/Chants/Meditation