The Feminine Way! Exercise & Health

The Feminine way is about taking action from within. Not being forced by external motivation but from a deep knowing that rises from within.

You Unique Expression…

Quick Quiz To Determine If You Are Drawn to the Feminine Expression…

You Have A Preference For:

If it Feels Right…

Soft Movements


Deep- Feeling


Quiet Space

Don’t Like to Feel Rushed

Small Groups/One-on-One

Following Your Intuition

Embracing Your Feminine Expression…If you are anything like me, your desire may not be on the cover of a magazine. You may or may not desire to be pencil thin. Your desire is to feel good- to be comfortable in your skin. You want to wear clothing that reflects your spirit and your personality and clothing that flatters your figure while expressing your interest and life style. You may not enjoy a lot of the popular exercise routines and you may want something that “Feels” more natural.

This Is Why I am Here!

I am here to help you…

  • Learn to Love and Care for Your body Type and Your Feminine Expression
  •  Accept yourself know matter your weight, size, or shape
  • Walk mindfully as a way to boost your energy, lose weight, lift your spirit, and raise your vibration
  • Replace emotional eating with a mindful way of eating
  • Find styles that flatter your figure and resonate with your expression

A Little Bit About Walking Fitness….


Physical activity such as fitness walking is fundamental to overall good health and has been proven to lift your mood, your spirits, and raise your vibration.

You want to move your body in a way that feels natural, allows you to tone, lose extra weight, and provides both emotional and spiritual support. If you are anything like me, you want accountability and support as you are on your journey for weight loss and re-discovering your femininity and sacred sensuality. You want practical ways of helping manage your energy and emotion along with ways of eating and dressing that are simple.

I would love to work with You!

Angela B. Simmons, I am a 51 year old woman who “Feels” better today than I did when I was 21!

At age 21 I was almost 180lbs!

I invite you to find a class,  session, or workshop that fits your needs!