The Mindfully Walking Fitness Class


The Mindfully Walking Fitness Class is a fitness routine that includes a more conscious, mindful, and spiritual approach to losing weight.

Our society tends to be obsessed with youth, glitz, and glamour and in most fitness circles, walking has been undervalued as a way to maintain a healthy weight. However, if you are a woman who does not like to follow the trends but tends to follow your own intuition and heart to choose what is right for you:


The Mindfulness Walking Fitness Class is a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey that you will embark on!  This class is designed to help you:

  • Learn to Love and Care for Your body Type and Your Personality
  •  Accept yourself no matter your weight, size, or shape
  • Walk mindfully as a way to Boost your energy, Lose weight, Lift your spirit, and Raise your vibration
  • Replace emotional eating with a mindful way of eating
  • Find styles that flatter your figure and resonate with your spirit

 Many women put several things before their physical health and/or physical fitness. They forget that moving their body is a very natural and spiritual practice. Also, Women over 40 may fall into a rut and some experience mid-life weight gain. Some women express that they do not have the time for a long workout program nor do they desire to participate in one.

Questions to ask yourself:It is not always easy Living with a Creative Type...

Are you at a healthy and comfortable weight and or size?

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

Do you find yourself speaking negatively about your body, even if the words do not come out of your mouth?

The Mindfulness Walking Class may be the class that you are looking for if:


  •  You are experiencing menopausal symptoms like bloated belly and mid-life weight gain?
  •  You find yourself over-eating due to the many challenges that life throws at us?
  •  You are at a place in your life where you want to shed a little extra weight?
  •  You find that a lot of the more popular fitness programs do not resonate with you
  • You desire to have a fitness regimen that includes a more conscious, mindful, and spiritual approach
  •  You are someone who prefers to exercise in the privacy of your own home?
  •  You enjoy walking in your neighborhood or on the treadmill at your gym but you don’t think that it is very beneficial?
  • You need someone to encourage you and support you because you tend to give up when you try to get fit on your own?

Mindfulness Walking Classes are designed to motivate you, support you, and provide 20160918_154242accountability to help you reach your goals.