Feminine Sacred Prayers, Music & Chants with Angela

Through the power of chanting you can reach altered states of consciousness and raise your vibration…

Chanting is an ancient ritual, and it’s been used in different religious and ritual ceremonies to aces the Divine. Angela allows her training as a former Pentecostal minister along with ancient wisdom spiritual practices  to share  what she calls Sacred Soul Chants. These are sounds that instinctively and intuitively flow from which can clear negative energy, boost your mood, improve your energy level and so much more.

woman praying 6

“Since I was a little girl, I have always felt a Divine Connection with Spirit through singing”.

For over the past 30 Years, Angela B. Simmons has been  blessed to share the healing vibration of music by way of intuitively taping into the heart of God to connect with the heart and soul of the individual to share inspired messages, affirmations, chants, and prayers.

Music as a healing modality, has the potent healing energy of the Universe. Angels can best be defined as light, sound, and divine music…  

Angela allows Spirit to flow through her as a channel of LIGHT so that her songs vibrate in oneness with God, Source, the Angels and each Individual that she shares with.


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