What is the Feminine Principle?


The Feminine Principles is seen throughout creation…

Simply put, it is a universal feminine energy, a power that is perhaps most clearly expressed through the cycles of Mother Nature, The Moon, and the Cosmos.

It is Intutive and heart based power that comes from “deep within”! It moves in cycles, it flows with the seasons, it flows like a river and changes like the tide of the sea! It’s powerful, mystical, nurturing, and sensative. The Feminine causes us to go deep within…
When we honor it, the principle holds great wisdom and insight. It deeply and unconditionally loves.

Many in certain religious teachings view God, the divine as Masculine! Many women have suffered an injustice by being placed under a dogma which reinforced the use of male aggression to women who are naturally physically weaker. In doing so, these parts of the world lost touch with The Feminine Principle…

The conventional Christian Church suppressed the true understanding of the Feminine, not only in the Church, but by oppressing other cultures and their religious practices who honored both the Feminine and Masculine Energy in Divine Union Being “One”, the Source of all.
This is why it is so important to awaken and understand the deeper meanings of The Feminine. This energy and way of living our lives can allow us to manifest from a place of inner stillness,trusting our inner guidance. Rather than trying to hustle and make things happen, you learn how to honor and flow with the seasons of your life.

The principle of the Feminine is seen and experienced in all of creation. This is the way the law of harmony and balance works to keep our lives in alignment…
As above, so below! Returning to understanding of these cosmic principles it becomes clear the Both Feminine and Masculine always bring forth creation together in equality.


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