Building Peaceful and Harmonious Relationships!

newproject_6_original-1Relationships can be very loving and  fulfilling yet equally frustrating and chaotic! Relationships offer us an opportunity to grow both emotionally and spiritually. They provide us with plenty of opportunities to choose one thought over another, how we respond, and how behave towards the people around us!

Many times in Angela’s life, she was challenged with how to cultivate peaceful, loving, harmonious relationships with herself and others!

Through her 32 year marriage,   many tears, spiritual practice, training and study Angela has learned to cultivate harmonious relationships. At this time in her life, she would love to support and work with you!


What will you gain by taking one of Angela’s Relationships Class’s or private sessions?

You can:

*Discover hidden beliefs that keep you in a cycle of unhealthy/ unfullfilling relationships!

*Gain insight into the self sabbotoshing habits that stop you from creating the lovings relationships you desire!

*Stop enabling the people in your life; which has caused them to stay stuck in negative behaviors!

*Understand and Gain  Insight as to why the people in your life behave, react, and respond in the manner that they do!

*How you can help support and nurture the people that you love based on their energy type and their personal, spiritual and emotional needs!

*How to Respect the boundaries of your own relationship with yourself , and then set healthy boundaries with the people that you are in relationship with!

*You can explore conflict resolution techniques that work best for you!

*You can learn affirmative language that can cultivate peace, harmony, and positive results!


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