Affirmations to help you make peace with your body type!

Affirmations: The act of firmly and joyfully stating something to be true, even if the current evidence appears false!

Many women Have been programmed to:

speak negatively about our bodies.

Been forced to behave in a way that causes us to overexert masculine energy

Become stuck in the shadow side of  temperament.

Feel shame, or lack of confidence with who we are and our bodied because of what other people have said about us.

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Along with the low vibrations of guilt and shame we may often unconsciously  feel about our bodies, there are times in our lives when one or several of our energy centers become blocked. The following list can provide an indication of which energy center is blocked followed by affirmations to help raise your vibration and help you feel confident and connected to your spirit. The energy centers are called Chakras.

  • When your Root center is blocked you are more susceptible to colon issues, lower back pain and emotional issues around money and survival.
  • When your 2nd energy center   is blocked:
  • Emotionally cold, low-energy, low libido, difficulty changing, difficulty experiencing joy, holds back; or hyper-emotional, overly sexual, overly focused on physical pleasure; guilt; problems with reproductive and urinary systems
  • Third energy Center Blocked
    Lack of confidence, difficulty manifesting desires, lack of self-esteem; or misuse of power, dominance, over-reliance on will (potentially leading to physical exhaustion); shame; problems with digestion, hypertension, fatigue, adrenals; diabetes, allergies.You are more likely to have stomach issues, ulcers, liver issues, eating disorders and a lack of confidence when you’re Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked.
    Fourth Energy Center Is Blocked

    4th energy center is blocked this especially significant because it is in the middle, uniting the upper and lower chakras. Among other things, blockage can manifest as loneliness, lack of emotional fulfillment and difficulty accepting or giving love, lack of compassion; or as unhealthy relationships, “loving too much,” love manifesting at a low vibration, or a lack of sense of connection to the divine or to nature; unresolved sorrow; problems with heart or lungs; asthma –

  • Fifth Center Is Energy Blocked:

    Inability to communicate ideas, problems with self-expression (expression of own truth), problems with creativity; or uncontrolled, low-value, inconsistent communication, manipulative, deceptive of self or others; problems with neck, shoulders, thyroid

  • Sixth Center Is Blocked

    Lack of imagination, lack of vision, lack of concentration, blocked or clouded intuition, can’t see “big picture”; or distorted vision, delusional, distorted imagination, misuse of intuition; or overly reliant on logic and intellect; problems with vision, headaches, nightmares

  • Seventh Energy Center is Blocked

    Spacy, un-grounded, impractical, indecisive,

Listed below are seven affirmations that you can use to help you clear your energy…


  • I am stable, I am safe, I am grounded! I feel comfortable in my own skin
  • I am creative, I am passionate I am a sensual being! I am Playful! I enjoy my life!
  • I am quietly powerful and Confident! I am secure in who I am! I am a powerful being!
  • I am able to give love! I am able to receive love! I am a loving being by nature!
  • I am able to clearly express myself clearly
  • I am able to receive intuitive guidance!
  • I am open and receptive to receiving guidance from my spiritual essences!

audience 2012

Positive Words  Cans Make You Feel Better  especially when accompanied with singing

Positive affirmation or positive self-talk can benefit not only yourself but also other people that you interact with. Affirmation is the shifting of thoughts resulting from negative, dirty, and harsh experiences or ideas to a more positive note. It relies on the principle that you can only become successful if you tell yourself “I can do that” instead of saying “I can’t do that.”

If you think that positive affirmation affects only the subconscious mind then wait till you hear this. Studies have found out that people who constantly bombard themselves with positive words rather than entertaining negative thoughts and words have stronger muscles. Research claims that a person’s muscles become stronger and more active when the subconscious is filled with positive words. The same report indicated that the human muscles tend to become weak when a person thinks and verbalizes that he is tired or that he hates the world or that he cannot do a particular thing.

Aside from muscle strength, positive affirmation also affects your energy level. A jolly person is usually a result of a positive mind programming. Positive affirmation does not only affect the physical but also the emotional well-being of a person. Because of this, experts have always advised people to start their day with good and positive thoughts and words. Starting the day right would extend the vibrant feeling throughout the day and would even act as a multiplier effect to all other positive aspects in your life.



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