Tapping into the Playful Side of Femininity!

woman in orange

The child is still in me and I honor her youthful energy!

I recently  shared a post  on Instagram and Facebook about  how I have been guilty of being entirely to serious! Each time that I take life and myself to seriously 3 things happen:

  • I  become grumpy
  • I become frustrated
  • I become physically ill

Because we all are so uniquely different, we may experience different symptoms.  You may find that you lose focus, your crearivity decreases, you experience mild depression or out burst of anger.

I have personally experienced being playful and feeling youthful as well as being overly serious and heavy.

manifesting generator 1

In our culture,  many of us have difficulty with having fun. We take ourselves and life to seriously. Sometimes we need to look ourselves in the mirror and have a heart to heart conversation with ourselves.

You can try saying , I love you and I allow you to lighten up!

I allow you tap into your feminine youth!

It is safe for you to be playful!

You are not wasting your time when you have fun!

After your  heart to heart with yourelf here are a few things you can try out, remember this is just a list to jump start you…

creative 4

1. Try coloring

2. Try playing in the park

3. Add a splash of color to your wardrobe

4.Watch a funny movie

5. Enjoy a long relaxing bubble bath

6. Play some games

7. Ride acycle

8. Go dancing

9. Sing karaoke style

10. Read a book just for fun


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