Mindfully Dressing Your Body Type! Keys to appearing even healthier….

Most women state that they have certain features that they really are not fond of…body types

For example My shoulders are proportionately larger than my hips. You may have the opposite  experience where your hips appear to be proportionately larger than your bust and shoulders.

We all have a unique body shape and size.


Dressing Mindfully will bring balance to your figure and cause you to look even healthier and confident!

Plato says: “Beauty resides in the proper measure and proper size of parts that fit harmoniously into a seamless  whole.”  See the point is: sciences tells us that the human eye is naturally drawn to proportion; So the key is to create the illusion of Proportion Fit!

As we age, our body to waist to hips ratio may shift and not be proportional…

Exercise and a mindful diet can help our overall health and weight, but dressings proportionately in a mindful maner, will balance your silhouette and make you feel confident, vibrant, and appear even  healthier.



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