Stop Believing the lies! You can reach your Weight-loss goals.

stocksnap_z5zvy4fm28For many years, I bought into the lie that said…

I don’t have the time to work-out!

I have already blown it by eating that that slice of cake!

Weight doesn’t matter!

I am to old to lose weight!

I had a wake up call that forced me to stop believing in the lies. I stopped focusing on my size and  I just starting walking.

Many of us get home from work exhausted and ready to relax. We plop down in front of the sofa and watch T.V. or grab a laptop and go on FACEBOOK. We live in a society that has depleted it’s #hormones and we often feel fatigued or stressed.

The lies we tell ourselves  about how we have tried and failed before keep us stuck.

You don’t have to settle for being over your ideal body weight…

If I can reach my ideal weight, not that Hollywood  (unrealistic weight): but my ideal weight.  I believe you can too!

Allow yourself to experience your body at her ideal weight. Affirm to your soul that your body is a precious gift. She is your temple.  She is the host that houses your spirit.

Things To Try:

*If you work outside of the home, take your workout gear with you to work.  When you get off, change clothes and put your work- out clothes. This will mentall help you shift your mindset about what you are going to do so that you do not head to the sofa.

*Excercise in the morning so that you establish it as apart of your daily routine.

*Work with an accountability coach like Angela or myself. We will not only support you in your goal to lose weight,  but help you break through mindsets and beliefs that sabotage your success.

Angela: Age 51!

The WalkingWeight-loss Wizard!


At age 21 I was almost 180lbs!




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