Casual not Frumpy!

Fall Time:

Dressing Mindfully

By Angela B Simmons

Casual but not frumpy!

Going to the movies is a really casual experience,  but there is a way that us gals over the age of 45 can accomplish being casual,  comfortable and stylish without looking like we are trying to hard to look young or like we just don’t care about our appearance!

Now Remember if you have  a inverted triangle body shape your goal is to create the illusion of balancing your narrow bottom with your broad shoulders!

Choose jeans with an angular front pocket! The more detail at your hips the better.

Tunics that cover the belly and cinch at the waist are always flattering.

We can wear a lot of the trends as it concerns shoes! These booties are stylish, casual , and comfortable. You can always go with a youthful looking flat style shoes .


Style Quote:

Hair is the final tip- off whether or not a woman really knows herself

-Hubert de Givenchy



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