5 Beliefs that stop you from Starting Your Fitness Routine!

As a person thinks and believes, It  becomes their reality…

There a 5 beliefs that tend to stop people from losing weight, reaching their fitness goals, and experiences the health and vitality that the want. These beliefs all start with the way the person tends to think… It starts with being A Pessimistic Thinker.

Pessimistic Thinkers Think...I can not because

  • If I start working out I will not keep it up
  • I have always been over weight so why try
  • I am too old to start exercising
  • I do not have enough time to exercise
  • No one can help me

The Key: Remember that being pessimistic will put make you feel bad about yourself. Redirect those negative energies towards positive outcome, that sounds simple but  It can help you!!!. I know this from experience because I can be very pessimistic by nature.  If I can develop a positive mindset about exercise and fitness, I believe that it is possible for you!

Turn The It will not work into This is going to work!

Try saying I can as a new strategy.

I can find time to do something that keeps my physically active

I can find a trainer/nutritionist  that can help me

I can find an accountability partner to help keep me on track

If you are happen to be like me, learning to become more positive takes time and practice but it can be done! Re framing your negative beliefs from It can not to IT CAN!!!lifestyle_and_health


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