Going to the gym after work & Still Not Losing Weight?

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Many woman especially woman over the age 45 are frustrated about their weight. They are finding that the routine walk they use to use to maintain a healthy weight is no longer working for them.

I see many woman who are at a stand still despite doing the treadmill walking program in the evenings after work. The mild stroll is no longer working! It is no longer enough to challenge the body and they are finding that they are not losing weight.

What we have to consider is the intensity of our workout. Are your walking at a speed high enough to challenge the body? At some point, you have to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  After a while the body becomes use to your old familiar routine and it is no longer burning calories. In the fitness world they call this reaching this means you are at a stand still and you may need to try a new routine Consider adding something new to your routine. A few examples of this is:

Increase your walking speed

Use 2 lb hand-held weights while you walk

Pump your arms as you are walking

Add  the  stationary bike to your routine

Include aerobic workout on alternative days that you are not at the gym

Adding some resistance with bands or weights

…Make a commitment to yourself by trying something new each month. This can help you challenge your body, break you out of your familiar routine, and help you lose weight.

As a  Fitness Mind Set Coach, I recommend consulting your physician if you have any major  healthy conditions before starting a new fitness routine. 

May You Continue To Prosper and Have Great Health!


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