Finding the right fit for The Inverted Triangle Body Beauty!!!

InvertedTriangleFinding the right fit when it comes to your workout…
The Inverted triangle!

The Inverted Beauty body type is characterized by a strong, thickset skeletal frame with large shoulders, a large rib cage and muscular limbs. The neck, chest and abdomen are rather thick and the pelvis is small so that the inverted beauty body type in women are relatively straight up and down. We are the ladies who tend to lack feminine curves and have muscular buttocks and powerful muscular thighs. Our pelvis and buttocks do not curve outwards,and sit below a rather thick waist. We tend to have a more masculine shape and often make good athletes in sports requiring strength and staying power, such as body building, swimming and long distance running. Here are a few suggestions of what is flatter for us when we workout…

Find styles that will flatter our figure….

Finding the right fit!!!


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