Judgmental attitude causing you Relationship Problems?

Every wonder why people tend to resist your advice?

Do you tend to assume to know what is best for others?

Find yourself needing to be right about what other people do in privacy?




judgementLife certainly has taught me that we all have certain attitudes that cause conflict within our relationships! No one’s issues are better or worse than the other. We all have our lessons to learn, attitudes to let go of, and embrace a more healthy and productive way of behaving. Life often sends you warring signs that your attitude may very well be causing you to have conflict and discord with others that can be avoided. Being judgmental and a little self-righteous can be one of them. I struggled with this attitude for many years.  I isolated and hurt many people with this type of behavior.  As a life lessons relationship student and coach, learning that my north node astrology position had a lot to do with the trouble I was having.  I also took a look at my enneagram type (which happens to be a type for romantic/type one preacher perfectionist) seeing that one of the main things my particular type is learning to grow and move beyond is the attitude of thinking that they know what is right for everyone. Our belief that what we value should be the standard for everyone, is a belief that we are learning to let go of.  Two of the most valuable life lessons for us is:

  • Letting go of opinions about what other people should value.
  • Releasing the need to preach about what is right concerning taboos. Releasing the need to have an opinion about other people’s business.

  Letting go of opinions about what other people should value can truly bring harmony into your relationships.  It most certainly has improved my connection with others. 700 couple I am a firm believer in practicing what I teach and releasing attitudes and beliefs that are working against your relationships, no matter how challenging the proces can prove rewarding.

Hope you found this information helpful!

“Remember Life is always speaking, can you hear it’s messages?”

Thanks for Visiting!

Angela, The Life Lessons Relationship Coach


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