Ask The Introvert Consultant


Relationship Tips for Introverts with Angela B. Simmons

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 The most common relationship challenges by Double Introverted People…


Being a Introvert. Myself I find it challenging to be in relationship. When at times I will rather be alone.  Any tips on how I can make my love ones feel that I love them?


Being in relationships not matter what kind will stretch us and cause us to be moved out of our comfort zone. This is especially true for introverts that are type 5 observers who prefers to be left alone. These introverts are the ones who are really challenged with being drained by other people. They have a natural tendency to become reclusive. The type four idealist who tend to be very creative, sensitive, intuitive, depressed, moody, emotional, and sometimes self-absorbed.  The key is to allow yourself to be true to your nature while allowing yourself to become open to loving and caring for your friend’s family, loved-ones.  Understanding that we all are different and that we all have different things we need is the beginning to building continuous harmony in our relationships.


Before you can properly love others, you must love and support yourself.

1.       Explain your need for privacy

2.       Let your loved-ones  know that you need quiet time

3.       Remind yourself that it is common for you to need alone time and privacy

4.       Find creative ways to keep your moods more balanced, like eating healthy foods, exercising, meditation, being in nature, positive self-affirmations, lively music anything that shifts your mind from focusing on itself.

5.       Try devoting time and attention to you loved-ones in smaller segments of time.

6.       Take little breaks away from family & friends by simply going outside, to the bathroom, anything that gives you a chance to replenish your energy.

7.       Find out what your friends, family and loved ones need to feel loved and respected.







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