The Introvert Nature: Needed For such a time as this!

tree 3Like a tree that is firmly planted by the river, to bear fruit in the right season….

If there was ever a time that the introvert nature was needed, it is NOW!

By nature and design we are  highly intuitive, nurturing, and spiritually in-tuned to what is happening in the universe and in the world. We have a gift to be able to slow down and listen to the guidance from within.  Like a beautiful tree that is rooted and grounded,  we are being called upon to stand firm in our natural strengths, and to stand high and tall in a society  that has been so  dependent on outward circumstances, logic,  and relying only on their ability to be quick to move into action! Our natural rhythm is slower which allows our intuition to guide us. We are called upon to  discover and search for the deeper meaning and values in this life. This is truly a gift that is needed for such a time as this.  We have a very deep ways of caring and are genuinely interested in understanding other people. Simply put, our mission is to help others and make the world a richer more loving place to be.  -We are Needed for such a time as this!

Sharing this with all of you Introvert Friends!

The Woman’s Consultant, Angela B. Simmons

Spiritual and lifestyle tips for today’s introvert woman!


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