Are You a Creative Introvert Woman

family christmas 2Are You a Creative Introvert-Woman?

Individualistic- Unique-Artistic- Sensitive-Imaginative-Idealistic

All Introvert Women (Intro-Women) have one thing in common.  Their energy sources is found from within. They are energized by being alone, quiet, still, deep thought, and reflecting. We tend to become over stimulated after a while with being around people.

All women who have an Introverted Type of Energy are not all the same. There happen to be several types within The Introverted Spectrum.

Like most creative people I don’t fit well into Boxes

-Laurell Hamilton

inner artist 2

Creative Intro-Women possess a multitude of qualities. They tend to be very intuitive, sensitive, and introspective and of course artistic. Look in any area of life where people gather to find these women.  They love crafting, painting, composing music, writing poetry, playing instruments, designing things from clothing to furniture.  You may also find Creative Intro-Women in occupations as therapist. They become deeply involved in their trans-formative work.  If they are chefs they are creating unique dishes.

When they are in natural balance with their creative nature, they will be very loving women who inspire others to become more in tune with inner lives and to find their own means of creative expression. Creative Intro-Women as they continue to evolve and become more self-actualized will become more grounded in their own being.

creative 4Spiraling Downward Behavior

Each woman has certain in-born challenges that she is challenged with.

For the Creative Intro-Woman her challenge area is:

Envy – (Other Bad Habits: Overly Dramatic-Self Absorbed-Too Sensitive)

When these women are out of balance they tend to become withdrawn, self-absorbed, and over dramatic. Creative women can learn how to sense and take note to when they feel themselves slipping into feelings of loss or feelings of being less than. Practicing affirmations along with taking mental not of all of the many things they have to be grateful for along with their beautiful contribution to the world. Their life Lesson is to shift attention to what they have rather than what is missing.

her2Angela’s Nugget of Wisdom for The Creative Intro-Woman

Notice your thinking pattern when it comes to being envious.  Do not attached yourself to it any longer. Just observe it.  Remember to breathe deeply allowing the thoughts and feeling of envy to pass. Transform the thought with an affirmative thought that says “I am more than enough and I have more than enough”  “I am complete and whole, there is nothing missing from my life”.

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