The Introvert Woman! “We are not all the Same”


We introverts come in many varieties and flavors. Some of us are More reserved and business like while some of us are more analytical, artistic, and creative. No matter your type you need moments in your life that are carved out for quiet-time, space, and total privacy.

The Introvert Woman with deep feelings, perfectionist tendencies and impeccable manners  are women who are highly sensitive to their environments, and learning to offer others support without over identifying with their feelings will help them avoid mood swings.  You tend to share a desire for closeness, devotion, and loyalty and this can create a passionate and intense union. When you are balanced and your energy levels high, you are dependable, meticulous, and dignified. You have impeccable manners and appreciation of the finer things in life.  When you are out of balanced you can become self-involved, overly sensitive, and moody  Learning to relax more and taking time to connect with your intuitive side will help keep you in good humor.

For more tips for your Introvert type email Angela atImage

“We are introvert women loving ourselves from the inside out!”


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