No place for my gifts…


As long as I can remember I have been a part of the church. It was home.  A place of order and structure,   the place of spiritual worship.  The place that held great claims to be the place of love and service to the world.  Even as a small child, I loved being a part of the church. The first real job I had was working as a musician for various houses of worship. From the age of 7 until they age of 40, the church was what I knew. It was the religious structure that I had been accustomed to. Even in my past incarnations, I had lived in monasteries and temples. I loved the religious order, but the order of religion in this lifetime did not accept the authentic me. I always was a part of the church but I did not truly fit in. I was the strange one, the weird one, the one who’s musical interpretation were different and out of the ordinary. I saw things, felt things, and said thing that others could not see. I was a mystic, a sage, a seer, Sacred-Prophetess. When I sang and played, I could sense the atmospheric energy and a divine connection to the Angelic and I sang my songs in that way. Many did not understand it. I did not understand it myself. The church loved it when it benefited their cause. But my gift began to overshadow the desire for control & order.  I was silenced. In other words, they kind of treated me like they did the Christ. They were afraid of his ability to liberate the people.  Many Christians say that they believe in the bible whole- heartedly, but when it came to the Prophetic gifts, they were ostracized, talked about, and shunned to say the least. Their abilities to prophecy were limited and were even put to death. There were not many people who understood. Many Christian believers proclaim their love for the Christ, when they don’t fully realize that he was a mystic and a prophet himself.

If you can relate to my story, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at absdiscovery@gmail.comdark-night-of-the-soul-4-290x195


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