The Introvert Woman Living In an Extrovert Society

It is not always easy Living with a Creative Type...

I am one of those Introverts who really needs to to think before responding especially if I do not feel well versed on a subject.   Being apart of group sessions,  when the coach or teacher asks me a question that I have not sufficiently prepared for throws me into a frantic panic. My head starts to swim and my brain draws a blank.  When I finally open my mouth to speak, It seems as if nothing of importance or relevance  comes out. I use to avoid being in a groups at any cost. At some point and juncture in my life, hiding stopped working for me so I re-introduced my self into society by being apart of groups that I was invited to.  I still face the brain fog when asked, a question. However; I have learned to take a deep breaths, not worry or focus so much on saying everything right, and not taking myself so seriously 🙂

I would love to hear your Introvert  Stories…

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