Play To Your Strengths Challange!

ImageBefore you know it, 2014 will be here and before it does, I want to focus on my strengths, my gifts and my purpose. I want you to join me!

What we tend to focus on grows bigger and stronger. So I  have decided to focus on my strengths and I am inviting 12 women to take this challenge with me. Let’s discover what our strengths are and direct our energy and attention into finding new ways to help others, serve humanity, fulfill our soul purpose, and be fully who we were created to be…

When you Discover your type you can discover your strengths!

1. The Perfectionist: Hardworking,self disciplined,  believes in justice

2. The Giver: Compassionate, generous, and believes in helping others

3. The Achiever: Organized, ambitious and believes in being direct

4.The Artist: Sensitive, creative and believes in being authentic

5.The Thinker: Logical, perceptive and believes in being competent

6. The Social: Talkative, outgoing and believes in being having fun

7.The Loyalist: Faithful,reliable, and believes in being practical

8.The Boss: Energetic, authoritative and believes in being straightforward

9. The Peace Keepers: Patient, gentle and believes in being accepting

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