I Will Not Be Affraid To Try

“Why are we afraid to try something new”?

-It might not be Perfect….But I will not be Afraid to Try !!!








I Will Not Let Fear Stop Me… What about You?


Why are Adults so damn afraid to try new things? You know what, I am not really sure of the answer! Maybe it because we fear we won’t be understood.  Maybe it is because we think we won’t be any good at it. Maybe it is because our family and friends make us feel guilty because they do not understand! Maybe it’s because in our own minds, it’s just seems downright foolish, to Try Something New. You know what is even sadder…It is not even about Trying Something Major!

We are afraid to take a different route to the office, we are afraid to change our hair,  try a new style, try a new hobby,  to re-arrange our furniture, to try new foods, to hold a conversation with someone new, learn to play a new game, or just simply experimenting with new ideas within our own imagination.

You know what? I am 47 years old and I do not want to be afraid to try new things. I know that the Divine Creator of the Universe lives inside of me. The Divine Creator was not afraid to TRY something new…and for that reason we all live, and move, and have the wonderful world we live in. If Creator tried to do something new, then I will too! WILL YOU JOIN ME?



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