Relationship Tips for Action Types


 Relationship Tips for the Action Type 9 Temperament

Dear Discovery Reader,

Each one of us has our own unique strengths. Some of us are decisive and confident by nature. You are the ones who really do make wise, fast and very cleaver choices. These all in their place are wonderful qualities.  However, when we become overly stressed our strengths can regress into a downward spiral which quickly become our struggles.  Here is a simple tip that will help improve your relationship with others.

Confident Ones, You can drift into being overly opinionated and you over step your boundaries trying to help. There are situations where you must wait for others to ask you for their help and for your opinion.  A lot of times people usually make the right choices for themselves but occasionally they will make bad decisions. Don’t judge them or be harsh “I Told You So” attitude.  If they sense that you truly care for them, they will ask for your opinion the next time.

If you have any questions or concerns let me know and I will be more than happy to help you. Until next time.

Happy Relations!


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