I am standing Here, Can’t you see me? Journey of a Introvert

I am standing here, can’t you see me?

Have you ever felt like you were invisible? You are present, but no one notices you. Feeling like you are in someone else’s shadow. When everyone else is loud, you are quiet. When everyone else is outgoing, you are inside- going. When everyone else is funny, your jokes are just wack. Conversations that everyone else enjoys, bores you to tears. Conversations of depth, spirituality and insight that you want to have, others just over look you and move on to the next loud, funny, talkative person standing next to you…as If you don’t exist. Well, my friends I have.  If you are an introvert like me, you have to. Being married to an extrovert can only make you feel more invisible.  There are those of us who have to remind ourselves that we are here, we are seen, and our quiet voice matters. It matters to God, it matters to the universe, it matters to the world, and it matters even to those who seem to overlook us:)

Angela B. Simmons, The Journey of a Introvert


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