There is no one size fits all when it comes to living a happy, healthy, harmonious life!


I Am a Spiritual Life Coach!

I Share gentle and affirming wisdom from my life experiences that are intended to help you look within to your own inner wisdom  as well as to provide you with a universal approach to holistic living for


I  also  supports people who want to cultivate intentional, conscious, harmonious relationships starting with their relationships with themselves! 


Wisdom to make your life a little more happier. Less Stressful, and more satisfying…

Listed below are a few of our Relationships Classes!

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Understanding, Accepting, and Appreciating One Another…

If you were guided to my website,  you maybe searching for more insight into  your relationship with the people around you…

Why are they reacting and responding to situations in their lives the way that they do?

Why am I attracting certain people into my life?

What am I learning  about myself as it relates to how I engage and interact with others?

…When you gain some perspective,  you can better support, encourage, and nurture them!

Are you Ready to open up to more intimacy and enjoy satisfying, lifelong romance?

Are you ready to move beyound old hurts that can tear a relationship apart?

Are you wanting to experiment with new ways of interacting in your  important relationships?

*Do you argue about how to spend your money?

Does your partner want to be more social and you feel more like a hermit and prefer to spend more time alone at home?

Do you sometimes argue about the way you deal with conflict?


Do you find that your loved one:

*Tends to isolate themselves during times of stress?

*Tends to  procrastinate and won’t make decisions?

*Becomes impatient and wants things done their way and NOW?

*Oftentimes struggles with low self- essteem and constantly need validation?


Relationships are with people who have their own unique energy, past experiences, beliefs, preferences, and ways of processing information. Every human being has specific things that they value along with certain things that can causue them to become emotionally triggered, …and So much more!

That is why I am here!

I want to help support you and give you insight into why you and the people in your life repetively  think, act,  and respond the way that they do while helping you cultivate ways of having peaceful and Harmonious Relationships starting with your relationship with you!


No matter where you go these days there are people all around you! Even if you are in a room by yourself, you are still not alone… You are with YOU!

When you are alone with you, you often hear yourself reapeat the same old stories to yourself:

Why do I always doubt myself?

Why do I try to hide feelings of vunerability?

Why am I so different from others, there must be something wrong with me?

Why do I take on other people bad moods? I am so sensitive!

Peace is first cultivated from within! Making peace with yourself ourself is the first step in cultivating harmony with others! 

I Am here to support you on your journey!